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When I started as a Coach in Team Beachbody I was excited, I was feeling Great about my results from using Shakeology and Insanity. My friends and family were noticing my results and wanted to know how they could achieve the same. I became a sponge for knowledge of how to coach and how the business worked from the Top all the way down. I began to read through the compensation plan, learn how to navigate the  Team Beachbody website, read the Policies and procedures, listened to personal development , attended every coach call/wake up call I could find, completed the Coach Training Academy and went as a guest to Super Saturday.   I immersed myself into the Team Beachbody concept  because I knew this is something I wanted in my life on a permanent basis as a lifestyle of fitness, good health and financial freedom.

I  Created small goals like
1.Reaching Success Club 5
2. Get to 100 customers by giving Free Memberships
3. Make a $500 check in 1 week
4. Personally sponsor 8 coaches and help 2 of them to emerald to reach Diamond
5. Hear my Name on the National Wakeup Call
When I heard my name on that Special MLK Day Wake up call, it was really something special. That really made it real for me. Listen below

Make some  Team Beachbody goals for yourself then put them out to your Sponsoring Coach or go public . Set Goals then Crush them!

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