Healthiest Holiday Ever Featuring Tiyanna B

By Ayanna Penn

My “Healthiest Holiday Ever” family feature of the day:

 My Cousin 

10734265_4889964502324_3444233447637755207_n*Being healthy is more than just weightloss*

This success recognition is special because it’s meant to inspire the reader AND the leader herself Lion Ess. She is going thru a really tough moment in her life (moments we all have at one time or another). I’m confident that this will be one of many that she will overcome because she is triumphant! The purpose of this share is to provide her and anyone else who can relate, a story of hope! Pray for her strength and help me celebrate her and lift her up as I keep it real this holiday season.

Lion Ess aka Tiyanna aka Cupcake (to those who really endear her like myself) is one of THE sweetest, most faithful, most selfless, insightful and loyal people you could ever know. And to her one and only son she is also an incredible momma bear!

Tiyanna is a true fighter for her convictions and beliefs but not without obstacle. For as long as I have known my little cousin she has had an uphill battle seeking acceptance and unconditional love from the ones she loves and protects the most. She has been and continues to be met with conditions on their love and once upon a time it took a tremendous toll on her health physically and emotionally.

Knowing her struggle I couldn’t sit back and not offer her solutions to helping her gain better clarity and perspective, so one day a year ago, she and I reonnected. All i could see in her spirit, was love and a desire to live the life of her dreams, healthy and happy with those around her, especially her son. I validated her for her AMAZINGLY HUGE heart and care for others, but then asked her to snap out of it and give herself permission to put her OWN health first, once and for all. This would be the only way she could fully experience her best self amongst all of the madness of life!

This time last year she’ll tell you it was rough. Suffering from high anxiety due to stress, pre-diabetic warning signs, high cholesterol (a family trait) and thyroid issues, all negatively impacted her ability to just deal with the day to day. Add to that the stress of negativity physically invading her personal space, and trying manage it with emotional eating, lets just say, to any one, it can seem like fighting an uphill battle wearing a cement vest. But i knew what would help her…..because it helped me at my toughest time.

I was humbled that she welcomed me to being more than just her big cousin, but her health coach and cheerleader, ready to help her take charge of her own health. I recommended that she try an amazing nutrition focused detox program called the Beachbody 21 day Ultimate Reset. Told her it was so life transforming that when I did it, it delivered me from the toxins in my body, toxins in my mind AND delivered me from the deep grief I had experienced at the time, when my mother law was in the process of losing her battle with cancer. I’d learned that the only way to battle grief and stressful times was to refrain from feeding yourself abusive junkfoods but instead feeding your body clean foods from God’s Garden. And I had to share this revelation with her.

She agreed to do the Ultimate Reset and to reclaim a do over for her body, mind and spirit, and we partnered together to make it happen in 21 days!

The before photo posted here was taken a just a year ago. And she has lost a total of 30 lbs between doing the 21 day Ultimate Reset And the 21 day fix! All of her health stats improved dramatically. No more being borderline diabetic, no more high cholesterol, no more Thyroid issues and with making better food choices and working out with people who love and root for her, she now has a healthier outlet to handle stress. She is now one of our team’s top coaches helping others who have yet to discover their fitness solution or who struggle with the courage to start.

Tiyanna is a courageous Lion Ess! Despite the ongoing roller coaster of life, I encourage her and anyone else who wants a better life for themselves, to not be hindered by what others say you can’t do but to dig deep and recognize you are worthy of the health and the life of your dreams. CLAIM IT and RECLAIM IT as often as you need to! The smile you carry will keep you lifted and give others who try to get in your way the clue that God AND Team Diamond Cut has your back! XOXOXO

Praying for you and your loved ones to have their Healthiest Holiday Ever so if Tiyanna or I can help give you a place to begin or just an ear of understanding, pls connect.

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