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By Ayanna Penn

My “Healthiest Holiday Ever” Family feature of the Day:

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 My Mom 

I’ve shared her story before and she doesn’t mind that I share it over and over again because our yesterday can make a HUGE difference in someone else’s life TODAY.

My mom is not a military Veteran, but she’s a vet and a survivor in many other ways. In the before picture here, she was literally at her Rockbottom. But she has since risen like a Phoenix. Please be inspired by her story.

My mom tipped the scale at a very unhealthy 268 lbs and was already dealing with obesity related issues and struggling with weightloss when she became wheelchair bound. You see 10 +years ago my mom was a fast paced, energetic, hardworking single mother when one day on her way to work, she found herself tangled in a tragic taxi cab collision. The driver died and she survived by the Grace of God, but her life has NEVER been the same since. She sustained long term injury, years of reconstructive surgeries, physical therapies and pain while still raising us children at home and ultimately returning to work in her handicapped state (disabled or not bills still had to be paid) She worked until her retirement was reached 37 yrs in one job.

In her physical state, she couldn’t enjoy retirement at all and she couldn’t even be active with her grandchildren or in her own life! Already feeling hopeless she still had a additional major reconstructive surgery on her hips in her future and was worried what more of her independence she would lose going under the knife, so she put it off for a very long time. Years.

In that time she made the most of her limited mobility and found joy in helping to babysit my boys, while I worked long hours as a social worker and investigator at my city job. But when her hips almost broke due to wear n tear from her accident, and excess weight she was rushed into surgery. Her body literally reached its breaking point.

The BEFORE picture above is the result of her just having had surgery. Spent a month in a wheelchair. She felt even more hopeless than before because her battle with obesity now included an uphill battle in a wheelchair. She felt doomed to a life of medication and pain and dependency.

Around this time I was still working full time as a social worker but I was also a new Beachbody Coach finding out how tried telling her how I truly believed that I could help coach her back to a weightloss that will help her out of her chair and Ada a new Beachbody coach I used my first check to purchase my mom her own month supply of Shakeology to replace a meal with daily from her chair. …..the rest is history.

Her AFTER photo was taken 7 months later. Losing an average of 10-13 lbs a month with Commitment, Dedication, focus, Daily Shakeology, cleaner eating, a few treats here and there and lots of support from her biggest fans, she lost 79 lbs to reach healthier 189lbs!

She hadn’t been under 200lbs over 30 years! And STARTED from a wheelchair at that!

Today she is still a work in progress but her support and nutrition plan is solid, and give or take a few pounds gained here and there as we all do, she maintains her healthy loss without excuse!

My mom is now Full of life and feeling hopeful being off all prescription medication. Its safe to say she is now having her Healthiest Holiday Ever! Love you mom for your continued example of strength and perseverance!

So here’s a CALL TO ACTION :
Remembering that your family needs your “presence” and not your “presents”, would you care to have my personalized support or the support of one of my coaches, for you or a loved one in doing the same? Or simply TAG someone you’d like this story to inspire 

Lets make this YOUR Healthiest Holiday Ever too!

Really hope her story inspires someone. So tomorrow and all week I hope to share more of my healthy family transformations. Pls check back  God Bless!

Ayanna Penn

Team Diamond Cut

Team Diamond Cut


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