Healthiest Holiday Ever feat Kenya Starks

My “Healthiest Holiday Ever ” Family feature for the today

By Ayanna Penn



My Lil Cousin 
*Fitness can be so contagious it actually brings you closer!*

Kenya‘s transformation story began only less than a year ago, in March 2014 and LOOK AT HER RESULTS!!!! 46lbs, not lost but GONE!!!!

At the time, Kenya was still a newlywed and a busy full time working mom of an even BUSIER 1 1/2 year old boy. She had been wanting to lose weight but didn’t know where to begin. Luckily she had been following the transformation of our cousin Lion Ess on Facebook. (i featured her yesterday)

Lion Ess’s 30 lb weightloss inspired Kenya to reach out and see if she could be helped to do the same thing! So of course! As her coach, Lion Ess paid it forward and agreed to help Kenya get healthier. Kenya started by sharing her struggle in that she weighed more now than she did during her actual pregnancy, her energy and diet were poor, she had picked up smoking cigarettes again, and she was worried she would not lose the fat around her belly because of the C-section she’d had to deliver her baby safely.

Kenya came to my studio very very determined to get the weight off. So her coach put her on to the hottest program at the time. … .21 Day Fix.

Kenya was a great student because she followed the program to the letter! And as a result, she lost 12 lbs in 21 days! Her energy was also now thru the roof, her junk food cravings were gone AND SHE SUCCESSFULLY QUIT SMOKING! Seeing her body transform not only fueled her to complete the 21 Day Fix but she went on to complete T25 losing 46lbs! And this is a great testimony because Kenya was worried that she would put on more weight once she quit smoking. Well she debunked that myth by managing stress with her new fitness habit INSTEAD of nicotine.

Along the way Kenya received so many inquiries, that on April 1st 2014, exactly 2 yrs to the day, that I decided to help others as a Beachbody coach, Kenya also became a Beachbody coach.

Now she is able to earn additional income for her household AND also inspire friends and even the most important people in her life along the way. Her husband, her brother and even her mom ultimately began their fitness journey’s and became beachbody coaches because of Kenya’s example. Her son now sees both his mom, dad AND even his grandma workout regularly. (Wait til you see Grandma Lulabelle‘ s transformation!) Talk about a new lease on life!
My family is rockin it yall so No Resolutions required!

I hope that by sharing my family stories with yours, it inspires you to rally everyone together in your own to give a tribute to good health for the future. Please connect with Kenya, Lion Ess, myself or anyone of my Team Diamond Cut coaches if we can help you help YOU or someone you love today! ( Not next year)

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