My ” HEALTHIEST HOLIDAY EVER ” family feature for the day! Auntie

Healthiest Holiday Ever

By Ayanna Penn


Like mother Like daughter! My auntie Lulabelle Bonillais a true ROCK STAR, she just doesn’t realize it yet ! This past April 2014 she shared with me some scary news. Her doctor told her the all too common news that she was pre diabetic and had high blood pressure issues due to being overweight and not eating properly. And pretty much working too hard but not taking care of herself. She shared that she had seen the INCREDIBLE transformations of her daughter Kenya Starkes and niece Lion Ess right before her eyes at they had lost 76 lbs between the two of them!

She fully believed that with the combination of my teams coach support, Shakeology and Beachbody programs she could reclaim her health and her LIFE too!
Her time was limited however. The doctor said she had to safely lose 30 lbs in 2mos in order to fall out of the diabetic range and avoid prescription meds.

Thankful she was so humbled and ready to get busy because I told her that her goal was so attainable. She would literally just have to work at it like her life depended on it.

So in April of this year, at the age of 57, She jumped in with both feet! Invested her time and money into the Beachbody Ultimate Reset for 21 Days. On the program she planned and cooked her own healthy meals, drank Shakeology daily, power walked, did Tai Cheng and even worked out in our team fit clubs. She followed our recommendations to the letter and lost 19 lbs in 21 days! From there she started the advanced schedule for Turbo Fire and continues the program faithfully to this day!

In April 2014 she was 198 lbs struggling to get a grip on her health and today she is 159 lbs and still going strong! Thats 39 lbs gone!

Her story is still unfolding! She recently had her Healthiest birthday in years (Happy 58!), she continues a healthy lifestyle, works out and runs almost daily AND even performed a Bellydance routine with her healthier daughter, my sister and I before a live audience! Her fitness continues to bring her new life experiences and she can tell you how much that means to her children and the love of her life…..her grandson Elijah ♡

Lulabelle has been paying it forward ever since by becoming one of my teams dedicated coaches. So if her story resonates with you or someone you love, please put Waaaay to the side and reach out to us so we can help you have your healthiest holiday ever!


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