Healthiest Holiday Ever Featuring Tiyanna B

By Ayanna Penn

My “Healthiest Holiday Ever” family feature of the day:

 My Cousin 

10734265_4889964502324_3444233447637755207_n*Being healthy is more than just weightloss*

This success recognition is special because it’s meant to inspire the reader AND the leader herself Lion Ess. She is going thru a really tough moment in her life (moments we all have at one time or another). I’m confident that this will be one of many that she will overcome because she is triumphant! The purpose of this share is to provide her and anyone else who can relate, a story of hope! Pray for her strength and help me celebrate her and lift her up as I keep it real this holiday season.

Lion Ess aka Tiyanna aka Cupcake (to those who really endear her like myself) is one of THE sweetest, most faithful, most selfless, insightful and loyal people you could ever know. And to her one and only son she is also an incredible momma bear!

Tiyanna is a true fighter for her convictions and beliefs but not without obstacle. For as long as I have known my little cousin she has had an uphill battle seeking acceptance and unconditional love from the ones she loves and protects the most. She has been and continues to be met with conditions on their love and once upon a time it took a tremendous toll on her health physically and emotionally.

Knowing her struggle I couldn’t sit back and not offer her solutions to helping her gain better clarity and perspective, so one day a year ago, she and I reonnected. All i could see in her spirit, was love and a desire to live the life of her dreams, healthy and happy with those around her, especially her son. I validated her for her AMAZINGLY HUGE heart and care for others, but then asked her to snap out of it and give herself permission to put her OWN health first, once and for all. This would be the only way she could fully experience her best self amongst all of the madness of life!

This time last year she’ll tell you it was rough. Suffering from high anxiety due to stress, pre-diabetic warning signs, high cholesterol (a family trait) and thyroid issues, all negatively impacted her ability to just deal with the day to day. Add to that the stress of negativity physically invading her personal space, and trying manage it with emotional eating, lets just say, to any one, it can seem like fighting an uphill battle wearing a cement vest. But i knew what would help her…..because it helped me at my toughest time.

I was humbled that she welcomed me to being more than just her big cousin, but her health coach and cheerleader, ready to help her take charge of her own health. I recommended that she try an amazing nutrition focused detox program called the Beachbody 21 day Ultimate Reset. Told her it was so life transforming that when I did it, it delivered me from the toxins in my body, toxins in my mind AND delivered me from the deep grief I had experienced at the time, when my mother law was in the process of losing her battle with cancer. I’d learned that the only way to battle grief and stressful times was to refrain from feeding yourself abusive junkfoods but instead feeding your body clean foods from God’s Garden. And I had to share this revelation with her.

She agreed to do the Ultimate Reset and to reclaim a do over for her body, mind and spirit, and we partnered together to make it happen in 21 days!

The before photo posted here was taken a just a year ago. And she has lost a total of 30 lbs between doing the 21 day Ultimate Reset And the 21 day fix! All of her health stats improved dramatically. No more being borderline diabetic, no more high cholesterol, no more Thyroid issues and with making better food choices and working out with people who love and root for her, she now has a healthier outlet to handle stress. She is now one of our team’s top coaches helping others who have yet to discover their fitness solution or who struggle with the courage to start.

Tiyanna is a courageous Lion Ess! Despite the ongoing roller coaster of life, I encourage her and anyone else who wants a better life for themselves, to not be hindered by what others say you can’t do but to dig deep and recognize you are worthy of the health and the life of your dreams. CLAIM IT and RECLAIM IT as often as you need to! The smile you carry will keep you lifted and give others who try to get in your way the clue that God AND Team Diamond Cut has your back! XOXOXO

Praying for you and your loved ones to have their Healthiest Holiday Ever so if Tiyanna or I can help give you a place to begin or just an ear of understanding, pls connect.

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“Healthiest Holiday Ever” My Husband

By Ayanna Penn

Before aft Gee 690“Healthiest Holiday Ever” Family feature of the Day:

 My Husband 

Warning: LONG READ but this is what you probably didn’t know. Hope you can’t relate!

If you’ve ever been in love, y’all know how it is. Lots of time just hangin’, wining and dining. Getting to know each others likes, dislikes, values dreams. You love each other no matter how thick you each get in the mid-section, (because we ALL know those honeymoon comfy pounds are inevitable). Then when the day comes that you marry and have children, the connection becomes even stronger because your lives have been united those children. You both now have an exponential reason to live well and grow old together right?

Well yesterday I shared a story about the very first person I helped reclaim their health when I became a Beachbody coach. And Today I wanted to share a little story about my “toughest client” lol. Believe it or not, the HARDEST person to convince to get healthy using the same fitness products that were changing my life everyday, was the most IMPORTANT person in my life, my phenomenal husband George (I love you honey!).

Wait, Quick Disclaimer: George know’s that I’m sugar-free with my honesty and maybe even a little bit pushy when it comes to something I’m passionate about, so he gave me his blessing to share the story the best way I know how 

So as I mentioned earlier, we helped EACH OTHER put on those extra unwanted pounds. We really had NOOOO rights to judge one another about the whopping extra 30 lbs that we each put on. However there came a time when I hit my Thirties and had a revelation that he ignored. Carrying so much weight on my body with no viable solution in sight really scared me because my family tree is riddled with family members that live with and have succumbed to complications related to obesity. I’m talking High blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart disease and Diabetes. George’s family medical history was just like my own in terms of there being a history of obesity related sickness in the family as well as Cancer.

Once we had children, we both made diligent efforts to go to the local gym to reign our health back in, but ALWAYS fell off because either we were too tired, it was too hard to coordinate our kids’ child care and the work schedules we had were BANANA’s. I worked 9am-9pm as a social worker and his work schedule as a Music Producer AND a Barber always got into the way of his finding time to really lose the weight and eat right.

Fast forward to the day George told me he was experiencing severe migraines and pressure behind his eyes. He’d always down play it and put off going to see a doctor. There was even a time when his symptoms were coupled with a racing heart beat, and again it scared him a bit but he didn’t exactly run to the doctor. He had to “work”. I in my heart of hearts also believe he didn’t want to hear any bad news. I had to tell him over and over how his symptoms seemed like a sign of something more serious and I was really scared that one day the worst would happen if he didn’t see a doctor. I didn’t want to be with out him and his children without a father, all because he didn’t want to be forced to take medication heaven forbid. Telling him I was afraid his stubbornness could cause us to lose him before his time made him ultimately go in to check things out. And yep he did get bad news, he wasn’t healthy. He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and anxiety from stress. He WAS prescribed medication to take daily, and told that he had to change his eating habits and fitness level or his condition would get worse.

Think that was enough to shake him? Nope. He took the meds maybe once and that was it!

At the same time I tried to give him hope because i was experiencing such great success, feeling healthier and stronger everyday drinking Shakeology and doing a beachbody program right at home. I felt amazing early on and he still was not convinced. I’d be in front of the TV doing INSANITY and He’d sit back and watch me do plyometrics with his spoon in a pint of haagen daas. It wasn’t until he snuck a taste of my Shakeology and watched me lose those 30 lbs right before his eyes, that he realized that he’d be foolish not to try it out. And so one day he did a work out, continued to drink my Shakeology every day. (fyi, I soon pumped the breaks on that and had him order his own shakes) but he started feel so much better.

Scheduled for his follow up Dr appointment 2 months later, he went in 35 lbs lighter and with zero symptoms he’d had previously. The doctor unknowingly thought he’d been taking the medication but I am convinced that it was his own hard work with INSANITY and adding the dense nutrition of Shakeology specufically that changed everything! He’s been off medication ever since and is now a huge overall health advocate and Beachbody Star Diamond Coach! This means that since his wake up call he’s helped alooooooot of men and women reclaim their heath! Talk about a new lease on life!

Long Read but all of this to say……If you love someone and they clearly need to improve their health, stubborn or not….., BE relentless. BE the example and BE Patient (but only to a certain extent) because life is short and it takes time and effort to turn your life around.

Ladies love your man enough to be annoying about their health this Holiday Season and choose your gift giving wisely. He may want a new watch or new gadget, but what he may really need is to add TIME to his life by getting fit. Please feel free to connect with me and I’ll help you help him understand that. Or connect him with George.

Fella’s you if you come to know George, you know not just from the photos here that a healthy lifestyle transformation is way more than just a 6 pack its quality of life and even increased work productivity, so please connect with George, man to man to get yourself started. WE are in this together and our solution and support is solid! Trust.

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Healthiest Holiday Ever My Mom

By Ayanna Penn

My “Healthiest Holiday Ever” Family feature of the Day:

DivaPhoenix Transformation copy

 My Mom 

I’ve shared her story before and she doesn’t mind that I share it over and over again because our yesterday can make a HUGE difference in someone else’s life TODAY.

My mom is not a military Veteran, but she’s a vet and a survivor in many other ways. In the before picture here, she was literally at her Rockbottom. But she has since risen like a Phoenix. Please be inspired by her story.

My mom tipped the scale at a very unhealthy 268 lbs and was already dealing with obesity related issues and struggling with weightloss when she became wheelchair bound. You see 10 +years ago my mom was a fast paced, energetic, hardworking single mother when one day on her way to work, she found herself tangled in a tragic taxi cab collision. The driver died and she survived by the Grace of God, but her life has NEVER been the same since. She sustained long term injury, years of reconstructive surgeries, physical therapies and pain while still raising us children at home and ultimately returning to work in her handicapped state (disabled or not bills still had to be paid) She worked until her retirement was reached 37 yrs in one job.

In her physical state, she couldn’t enjoy retirement at all and she couldn’t even be active with her grandchildren or in her own life! Already feeling hopeless she still had a additional major reconstructive surgery on her hips in her future and was worried what more of her independence she would lose going under the knife, so she put it off for a very long time. Years.

In that time she made the most of her limited mobility and found joy in helping to babysit my boys, while I worked long hours as a social worker and investigator at my city job. But when her hips almost broke due to wear n tear from her accident, and excess weight she was rushed into surgery. Her body literally reached its breaking point.

The BEFORE picture above is the result of her just having had surgery. Spent a month in a wheelchair. She felt even more hopeless than before because her battle with obesity now included an uphill battle in a wheelchair. She felt doomed to a life of medication and pain and dependency.

Around this time I was still working full time as a social worker but I was also a new Beachbody Coach finding out how tried telling her how I truly believed that I could help coach her back to a weightloss that will help her out of her chair and Ada a new Beachbody coach I used my first check to purchase my mom her own month supply of Shakeology to replace a meal with daily from her chair. …..the rest is history.

Her AFTER photo was taken 7 months later. Losing an average of 10-13 lbs a month with Commitment, Dedication, focus, Daily Shakeology, cleaner eating, a few treats here and there and lots of support from her biggest fans, she lost 79 lbs to reach healthier 189lbs!

She hadn’t been under 200lbs over 30 years! And STARTED from a wheelchair at that!

Today she is still a work in progress but her support and nutrition plan is solid, and give or take a few pounds gained here and there as we all do, she maintains her healthy loss without excuse!

My mom is now Full of life and feeling hopeful being off all prescription medication. Its safe to say she is now having her Healthiest Holiday Ever! Love you mom for your continued example of strength and perseverance!

So here’s a CALL TO ACTION :
Remembering that your family needs your “presence” and not your “presents”, would you care to have my personalized support or the support of one of my coaches, for you or a loved one in doing the same? Or simply TAG someone you’d like this story to inspire 

Lets make this YOUR Healthiest Holiday Ever too!

Really hope her story inspires someone. So tomorrow and all week I hope to share more of my healthy family transformations. Pls check back  God Bless!

Ayanna Penn

Team Diamond Cut

Team Diamond Cut


The Mud Run was Down n Dirty , We were Victorious!


The Subaru Down n Dirty Mud run was Awesome. This is the First year running as a Team with Diamond Cut and it was a memorable experience! 24 Runners and an Incredible support Team were in attendance at Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

Obstacles were challenging enough to keep the heart rate up and blood flowing. The temperature was low but the Sun came out to provide a little warmth.  Being cold and going through the mud pit and the low crawl filled with water did not help but being able to keep moving kept your mind off the extras. The Mission was to conquer 6 Miles  and we did just that!

Check out more pictures here

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When I started as a Coach in Team Beachbody I was excited, I was feeling Great about my results from using Shakeology and Insanity. My friends and family were noticing my results and wanted to know how they could achieve the same. I became a sponge for knowledge of how to coach and how the business worked from the Top all the way down. I began to read through the compensation plan, learn how to navigate the  Team Beachbody website, read the Policies and procedures, listened to personal development , attended every coach call/wake up call I could find, completed the Coach Training Academy and went as a guest to Super Saturday.   I immersed myself into the Team Beachbody concept  because I knew this is something I wanted in my life on a permanent basis as a lifestyle of fitness, good health and financial freedom.

I  Created small goals like
1.Reaching Success Club 5
2. Get to 100 customers by giving Free Memberships
3. Make a $500 check in 1 week
4. Personally sponsor 8 coaches and help 2 of them to emerald to reach Diamond
5. Hear my Name on the National Wakeup Call
When I heard my name on that Special MLK Day Wake up call, it was really something special. That really made it real for me. Listen below

Make some  Team Beachbody goals for yourself then put them out to your Sponsoring Coach or go public . Set Goals then Crush them!

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